Is this a weight loss programme?

No, this is a programme to keep well with a focus on achieving ‘balance’. If you’re out of balance and start to re-balance, you’re likely to lose weight as a result. We believe that striving for balance instead of weight loss is a healthier approach and a win-win

Can I rely on Superfied to sort out my health problems?

First and foremost, Superfied is focused on preventing illness from occurring by staying well (balanced) – an investment in you! The closer to balance you get, you may see lingering issues lessen or disappear but for serious health concerns, you should see your GP or a qualified practitioner.

Is the Superfied approach based on hard evidence?

The Superfied way combines Ayurveda (the original self-care system, practised for over 5000 years) and modern nutritional therapy. It comes from the same source as yoga and, like yoga, scientific research is starting to build on Ayurveda. As a result, Ayurvedic food medicines like turmeric are now crossing into the mainstream. The Superfied way has been designed in conjunction with qualified experts in Ayurveda and Nutritional Therapy to use food as medicine.

Can I trial Superfied Pro?

Yes, you can sign up for a free, 7-day trial of Superfied Pro. While some features may not be available, and the benefits grows the more you use it, a trial will help you see how Superfied works and decide if it’s for you.

Is my information private?

Yes, absolutely. Ethics are massively important to us and honesty is one of our core values; we promise not to abuse your trust and we understand privacy is paramount. We would never sell your data or share it behind your back and we use global technology providers to keep your data safe.

Do I have to do all the assessments?

We advise doing all the assessments for the best recommendations. We’ll start making recommendations straight away but the more we know, the more we can guide you. The Body Balance assessment is a priority and should only take a few minutes.

Do I have to do the assessments in one go?

No. You can stop at any point and pick up where you left off, even on a different device. Our advice is not to take too long a break so that you don’t lose your flow as this might affect the accuracy of the assessment.

Why do I need to provide personal details?

All the personal information you provide helps ensure the analysis of your body type and wellbeing is as accurate as possible and the recommendations are appropriate. We respect your privacy so rest assured your personal details will be kept private.

How long can I expect before I see results?

This depends on how far out of balance you – the more balanced you are, the quicker you are likely to see changes. You can start to see positive results within 3-4 weeks. Sometimes this can be the disappearance of niggles that you may have forgotten you had!

Do I need to eat everything on my food list?

No. Superfied is a support, not a strait jacket. Small changes to what you eat are fine; swap out a few items for the more beneficial foods in your plan. Food that makes you happy are a must, but some in moderation 😉 We want to help you be in control of your wellbeing, not us or anyone else.

What happens if my Body Type report doesn’t sound like me?

This may happen for a handful of people – if it happens to you, we recommend you re-take the assessment, be honest and objective in your responses, don’t leave any statements unanswered and ask someone who’s known you for a long time if you’re not sure on any responses.

What food properties can I search for?

You can search for a number of different things beyond just foods. Any one of the food attributes listed is searchable, including foods high in a specific vitamin, mineral or energy. The food database is a great resource to get to know everyday foods from a new perspective!

Will eating the right foods keep my body balanced and so prevent sickness?

Yes, that’s the idea. The focus is on preventing illness through food but if your body is already significantly out of balance through a longstanding health issue, you may also need additional assistance which a specialist practitioner or your doctor will be able to provide.

How do I make my food planning work when I have other people to think about?

If other people are also Superfied users, you will find common foods that can be the core of your meal planning, help you all balance. If you are a parent and both parents are covered the likelihood is your children are already covered through your plans. We’re also working on some new functionality that will make it even easier…watch this space!

Is Superfied giving me contradictory advice?

Advice may appear contradictory from time-to-time because of a particular food’s specific properties or if your body has swung out of balance in such a way that requires foods opposite to your body’s long-term needs to restore balance. The same is true for a detox food plan. The recommendations are always aligned to whatever your specific goal is.

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