Amaia Dadachanji

Experienced, intuitive, green-fingered, empathetic, supportive, capable, worldly, resilient, caring

Amaia is a practising medical herbalist, teacher, plantswoman and nature lover, as well as a botanical artist and writer. She has 14 years of experience and runs the Wild Apothecary in Gloucestershire. Amaia has set up various community medicine gardens and runs courses in real-time, by snail mail and online. She is also apprenticing in grief work and works with plants and people. She has studied herbalism in countries from India to Ecuador and uses techniques from many different cultures in her work.


Herbalism, Rewilding (plus Yoga and basic Ayurveda)


Grief work, women's health, anxiety and emotional issues


Initial £65 (up to 90 mins)
Ongoing £35 (up to 30 mins)


BSc Hons Herbal Medicine

Associate Memberships



English, Spanish

Mobile number

07919 608738


Stroud, Gloucestershire

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