Nick Taylor

Quiet, reflective, observant, non-judgemental, curious, persistent, perceptive

Nick specialises in homeopathic medicine and has had over 25 years of experience in this field, during which time he has treated thousands of people for a variety of health related issues. Nick takes a fully holistic approach to healing, taking the view that disease can only flourish in a system that is out of balance due to stress, toxicity, or some other factor. He uses homeopathic medicines, combined with lifestyle and dietary advice to restore health and vitality and to bring the person back into a state of equilibrium.




Stress-related issues, long term chronic health, addiction, psychological/emotional issues


Initial £70 (60 mins)
Ongoing £50 (40 mins)


Diploma, School of Homeopathy

Associate Memberships

Society of Homeopaths



Mobile number

07340 772 663


Ashburton, Devon

Please Remember: Superfied practitioners are independent. You’re in expert hands but you will be in their hands, not ours and so responsibility for your wellbeing is between you and them.

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