Karen Preece Smith

Confident, outgoing, positive, empathetic, engaging, approachable

Karen is a qualified (NTDipION), registered Nutritional Therapist, with a successful private practice, Alturum, (Latin for 'to nourish') in the Cotswolds. She has over three years of clinical experience in nutrition and 13 years as a senior yoga teacher. Prior to her private practice, Karen worked for an award-winning functional medicine clinic in London, specialising in complex cases. Karen is also a freelance health writer for leading scientific journals and magazines. She regularly attends Medical and Nutritional Science conferences to enhance her knowledge.


Nutritional Therapy


Stress-relief, skin health, brain health, anti-aging, nutrigenomics and epigenetics


Initial £175 (60 mins)
Ongoing £110 (45 mins)


MA(distinction), BA(Hons), NTDipION

Associate Memberships



English, Spanish (Basic)


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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