Beata Rachowiecka

Passionate about 'personalised approach to wellbeing' from a holistic, integrative perspective.

Beata is qualified in Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, Phytobiophysics and BodyTalk and has over 28 years of experience. She helps people achieve optimum health and performance by finding and addressing causes or triggers of complaints. Beata utilises the principles of functional nutrition and is able to source a wide range of functional tests on blood, saliva, urine and stool (testing for body functions even before the onset of a specific condition) to build a bespoke strategy to achieve one's full health potential. She also incorporates insight and methodology of the energetic disciplines she practices where appropriate and offers several tools for self-help as required.


Nutritional Therapy, Phytobiophysics and BodyTalk


Child health, digestive issues, hormonal health, and skin health


Initial £150 (90 mins)
Ongoing £100 (60 mins)


MA Dip ION, A.M.E. , MBANT, Dip Phyt., CBP

Associate Memberships



English, Polish

Contact number

01753 642 818


Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire

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