What are Blue, Red and Green energies?

We are all energy

Ayurveda and Yoga acknowledge three fundamental energies working together to operate your body. The same energies exist in everyone and everything.

This might sound confusing but it’s actually a simpler way of looking at what’s happening in your body (and around you) to keep yourself well.

We’ve called these three energies ‘Blue’, ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ to make them easier to understand! Knowing their basic properties takes you a long way:

  • Blue energy moves things
  • Red energy changes things
  • Green energy build things

Blue energy allows things like nerve signals to move through your body and food through your gut. Too much Blue energy can make you agitated or cause bloating.

Red energy is responsible for your body’s metabolism; as an example, too much can give you the sweats or the runs.

Green energy builds things like cells, tissues and bones. Too much Green energy can make you gain weight.

Each energy also has a particular effect on your mind just like it does on your body.

The three (biological) energies combined, add up to 100% so, as one energy drops, the others increase. All three work together to keep you ticking over.

We are all different

Now here’s what makes us all different. We’re all born with different amounts of each energy; just like we are born with DNA that’s specific to us.

So your natural wellbeing state will rely on a different percentage of each energy from what someone else has. This determines if your body is bigger, thinner or more muscular than them, for example.

We don’t need to aim to have an equal amount of each energy; we just need to keep to the proportions we were born with to stay in our best mental or physical state. This is our natural balance and is different for each of us.

When these energies are disrupted, they impact our natural state of balance and cause illness (dis-ease).

So, if one or more energies become too high or low, you can tackle that by eating a specific food that’s either low or high in that energy.

Superfied makes wellbeing easier

Superfied has done the hard work for you – it finds out what your natural level of each energy is (that determines your body type) and recommends the foods that will help to stay well.

And it works out which energies might be too high or low on a given day and takes that into account too.

Each time, Superfied flags foods that will support your wellbeing with green thumbs and those that won’t with red thumbs. As things change with you, so do your food recommendations.

The natural foods recommended for you are all in your Superfied food list. You can also search for energy-balancing foods using the search bar.

Learn more about the Blue, Red and Green energies in the ‘Know your Body Type’ guide

So, use these energies to health yourself – it’s your secret weapon to being Superfied!