Eat local, seasonal food

Synch with the seasons

Eating in-line with the seasons ensures the highest nutritional value of a given food at a given time of the year. 

This is how we all used to eat and this principle still figures in rural societies and most eastern nutritional systems.

In today’s world, we have access to pretty much any food at any time of the year which gives us a huge choice but breaks away from nature’s rules which are there for our wellbeing.

Food footsteps

Eating locally grown seasonal produce also ensures the highest possible nutrient content by the time it reaches us. 

Not surprisingly then, the impact of eating locally sourced produce has been linked to improved health outcomes, though this varies across the world due to the time gap between the harvest and sale/consumption of food.

helping your body, your local environment and doing your bit for our planet

The critical aspect of global sustainability also appears to be related to this and so is the question of the carbon footprint that we produce whilst trying to source the best dietary ingredients we require. Local produce means lower air-miles which is a double win – for us and our planet. 

Food that is locally grown, produced, gathered and sold also results in less traffic created to deliver these to shops and us. This ultimately means less pollution for us to inhale which has got to be a good thing.

So, by eating locally grown food, you’re helping your body, your local environment and doing your bit for our planet!

This self-care health hack is from Superfied expert nutritional therapist Beata Rachowiecka

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