Regular eating benefits

The benefits of regular eating

You may think eating at regular times at the same time every day is nice to do but not that important but think again. There’s a reason most societies promote breakfast, lunch and dinner and at particular times of the day.

Eating meals at approximately the same times every day has been noted to correlate positively with a variety of health benefits: 

  • Reduces fatigue and cravings
  • Helps maintain mental wellbeing
  • Promotes healthier food choices
  • Helps optimise blood sugar fluctuations
  • Reduces overeating
  • Helps maintain menstrual regularity in women
  • Reduces weight gain
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improves sleep quality

Those who ate close to their sleep time were more susceptible to weight gain due to a greater number of meals and higher total daily caloric intake. 

By eating regularly, we give our body the best chance of digesting food

By eating regularly, we give our body the best chance of digesting food. It’s more energy-efficient for our body to know when a meal is likely to be eaten so that it can get digestion fired up for it. 

This applies to whether you choose to have 2 or 3 meals a day, whether you are eating within the 8-hour daylight window or fast overnight. Our metabolism likes to follow a rhythm that suits it. 

This self-care health hack is from Superfied expert nutritional therapist Beata Rachowiecka

Irregular consumption of energy intake in meals and a higher cardio-metabolic risk

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